Reflux Informed Practitioner Course – June 2024 – Pay off in 2

$300.00 AUD / month for 2 months

You’ll be charged 50% now and 50% in another month (payment plans incur a small service charge)

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Can’t pay the full amount straight away? Not to worry! Here you can pay off the course over 2 months in 2 payments of $300 AUD (payment plans incur a small service charge)

A 6-week course for singers suffering with LPR, and practitioners /clinicians working with those suffering from LPR where you will learn:

  • A deep dive into acid reflux: its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment​
  • How to use and integrate manual therapy into your routine or work with singers
  • How to use and integrate Speech Therapy style exercises to reduce symptoms
  • An overview of the current literature, theories and thinking in regards to LPR
  • What singers can do to help reduce symptoms of LPR while performing​

The course delivery is a combination of both LIVE Zoom and self-guided modules.

This course content cutting-edge course is completely unique and will give you practical tools to help manage LPR as well as an important theoretical understanding of LPR. Each course participant will gain certification through the Voice Care Centre x VocaLab programme as a “Reflux Informed Practitioner” and receive a digital badge and certificate for social media and marketing.